Earthbound // 7’15” // 2010

A boat and a train make their way through a series of animated landscapes. The film navigates between nature and industry, tracing the marks left by human presence. The landscapes are built from flour, sugar, coffee: materials which have an intrinsic transience, but at the same have a permanence in our culture and trade, as well as the echo of a colonial past.

Extract from a review by Marina Warner

Earthbound is an “aesthetically immaculate and eloquent work that also plays with illusion in perception of scale. [Sara Muzio’s] work meditates with powerful concentration on the physical manifestation of time as entropy, as deliquescence; she creates a highly wrought visual allegory with many serious overtones but without didacticism.”

Invisible Cities // 5’40” // 2009

Animated postcards from four of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Each “postcard” uses a different animation technique to capture the essence of surreal cities it depicts, including stop-motion, hand-drawing and live-action compositing.

Invisible Cities

Diomira // 1′ // 2009

Ersilia // 2′ // 2009