City Films

Sao Paulo // Current

Film in production.


La Cancha // 2006

Screened at the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006

A short film exploring the use of space in a shanty towns of Caracas; how performative practices bind identity to urban territories, and transform them.

Within the tight urban fabric of barrio La Cancha, an informal self–built neighbourhood of Caracas, any scrap of land becomes fertile ground for sports and recreational activities. These dusty patches amidst the houses provide the setting to play basketball, have parties, dance, organise aerobics classes, call neighbourhood meetings, even host visiting MPs; all set against the dramatic skyline of the formal city.

Erith // 2005

Screened at the 2nd Prague Biennale of Art and Architecture 2005

A short film on Erith, a post-industrial town along the Thames, half an hour east of London.

Beneath a mundane exterior, the life-blood of the town continues to be the declining but still intriguing industrial processes and machinery. This film fully exploits the expressive qualities of Erith’s mechanical dwellers, thereby encouraging a redefinition of what makes this town unique.

Commissioned by Meadowcroft Griffin Architects.