Our Oil and Other Tales // 2005 // Co-director

Feature-length documentary about the social and environmental impacts of the oil industry in Venezuela.

A two-month journey across Venezuela, from Lake Maracaibo to the Orinoco Delta. The people of the oil fields and the mining centres talk of their close encounter with these exploitations.

For the first time, in the “revolutionary” Venezuela, a documentary delves deep in the problematic of oil and coal, from the angle of the life experience of communities, oil workers, indigenous people.

The film takes a look at world politics on oil and other extractive activities, jointly with the themes of sovereignty and self-determination of a people engaged in a real process of change.

Contested realities // 2004 // Director

A short film exploring different people’s relationship to the city in Caracas, Venezuela.

Saqueo y Golpe // 2004 // Director

A short film on the 1989 riots in Caracas, and the 2002 coup d’etat in Venezuela.